Feedback to the Proposed Copyright Directive

Under the Better Regulation guidelines, there is a feedback mechanism to share your views with the European Commission (EC) on the Commission proposals and, where appl... [mehr...]


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Documentation of the Workshop




The presentations held at the workshop and audio recordings can be downloaded here.


Keynote speech:

Rainer Kuhlen, ENCES and the need for a European-wide general Exception in favour of Science and Education [pdf]

Keynote speech Rainer Kuhlen as [mp3] (approx. 29 MB)

Session 1:

David Prosser, The Revision of Copyright Law in the UK [pdf]

Robert Kiley, IP issues from the perspective of a research funder [pdf]

Christoph Bruch, The third Amendment to German Copyright Law – Achievements and Failures [pdf]

1st session as [mp3] (approx. 56 MB)

Session 2:

François Dubuisson, The Revision of Copyright Law in Belgium [pdf]

Paul Murphy, The Revision of Copyright Law in Ireland [pdf]

Stina Teilmann-Lock, Danish copyright law: extended collective licensing and open access [pdf]

2nd session as [mp3] (approx. 52 MB)


Keynote speech:

Benjamin White, Open Information – A Perspective from a National Library

Keynote speech Benjamin White as [mp3] (approx. 23 MB)


Session 3:

Guido Westkamp, Research and Educational Limitations: Causes and Effects of Bad Law-making [pdf]

Panel discussion

3rd session as [mp3] (approx. 18 MB)