Feedback to the Proposed Copyright Directive

Under the Better Regulation guidelines, there is a feedback mechanism to share your views with the European Commission (EC) on the Commission proposals and, where appl... [mehr...]


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WIPO Activities


Rainer Kuhlen commented on WIPO's draft SCCR /22/16 for copyright exceptions for the visually impaired: [pdf]

ENCES was conceded observer status by WIPO director general Francis Gurry with letter dating from 6 Oct 2011.

ENCES, represented by Dr Harald Müller (Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, Germany), participated in the SCCR/24 meeting (16-25 July 2012) and distributed a statement: [pdf]

ENCES attended the WIPO SCCR/25 meeting on 22 November 2012. We endeavour to advocate for the interests of the European scholarship sector and make a contribution to the discussion of WIPO document "Provisional working document towards an appropriate international legal instrument (in whatever form) on limitations and exceptions for educational, teaching and research institutions and persons with other disabilities containing comments and textual suggestions; SCCR/24/8 prov.)" [pdf].