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Feedback to the Proposed Copyright Directive

Under the Better Regulation guidelines, there is a feedback mechanism to share your views with the European Commission (EC) on the Commission proposals and, where applicable, the accompanying impact assessment. All feedback received may be published on the European Commission webpage and will be summarized and presented to the European Parliament and Council, with the aim of feeding into the legislative debate. The feedback form for the proposed Copyright Directive can be found here.


The window of opportunity to reply is normally 8 weeks, so this would imply that the feedback form closes on Wednesday 9 November. However, the official deadline to submit feedback has not been published yet.


Open Access to all scientific papers by 2020

On May 27th, the Competitiveness Council of the European Union adopted his "Council Conclusions on the Transition towards an Open Science System" (PDF). A press release of the Netherlands EU Presidency highlights the main issues of the new Open Science Strategy.

It becomes very clear, that "the time for talking about open access is now past":

"From 2020, all scientific publications on the results of publicly funded research must be freely available. It also must be able to optimally reuse research data. To achieve that, the data must be made accessible, unless there are well-founded reasons for not doing so, for example intellectual property rights or security or privacy issues."

Furthermore, the Council calls for new assessment criteria in the research world:

"The member states are also calling on the wider research world, including research funders, to introduce changes, for example by modifying the way scientists are assessed. They should be no longer be judged only on the number of publications or citations they produce, but more attention should be paid to the societal impact of their work."   

For further reading:
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