Report on Copyright Policy

The report on copyright policy and the right to science and culture of the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Farida Shaheed, has been published. Download the report here, ref... [mehr...]


The Lyon Declaration

Last week IFLA representatives took the Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development to New York for the latest negotiating session on the post-2015 UN development framework. The Decla... [mehr...]


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ENCES (European Network for Copyright in Support of Education and Science) is an EU-wide network of organizations and individuals in science and education who share the view that copyright is a socially valuable construct and that the primary objective of copyright is to promote the progress of science, education, and culture as public goods.

ENCES' basic assumption is that knowledge and information in its digital form should be made available to everyone from everywhere and at any time under fair conditions. This is particularly true in science and education, where access to knowledge and information is indispensable.

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